House Rules

To make your stay at Spabron relaxing and enjoyable, certain house rules apply

House Rules / Conditions

  1. We kindly ask that you always follow the instructions of the staff.
  2. Preferably pay contactless (pin or mobile).
  3. For a pleasant stay you will need the following for sauna visits; slippers (required outside the sauna cabins), towel for showering, bath towel for sitting and lying in the saunas and deck chairs. Wearing a bathrobe is mandatory in the rest and dining areas. You can also rent these items from us.
  4. To fully enjoy the saunas and rest rooms, we ask you to observe silence and be considerate of other guests.
  5. To maintain peace and cleanliness, only visitors who make a positive contribution to the atmosphere are welcome.
  6. For hygienic reasons, in hot dry areas, including the saunas, it is mandatory to take a seat on a towel where the feet also rest on the towel.
  7. The wearing of swimwear is not permitted.
  8. Your personal belongings should be kept locked in lockers.
  9. Spabron accepts no liability regarding damage to property and/or persons. Barring gross misconduct or negligence.
  10. Sauna visits can have a positive impact on your health. However, if you have any doubts regarding medication or conditions, you should consult your own physician.
  11. When visiting our company, you agree to our house rules/terms of business.
  12. As a visitor, you are responsible for any damage you cause to our property and that of other visitors.
  13. To keep the peace, children from 0 to 8 years old do not have access to our wellness facilities. Children aged 8 to 16 years are admitted only when accompanied by an adult and must have a swimming certificate.
  14. Consumption of self-brought food and beverages is not permitted.
  15. Glasses, plates, cutlery, glass water bottles and similar sharp and/or breakable products, may not be brought into the saunas and/or baths.
  16. Disruptive behavior, including (but not limited to), harassment, aggression, loudness and use of drugs will not be tolerated. Guests who do not comply with this must leave our premises at the first request of the staff, after full payment and without refund.
  17. Staff is authorized to refuse or deny access to visitors.
  18. Alcohol and sauna do not mix well. The staff is authorized, for your and our safety, to refuse to serve alcohol to guests when they feel it is not responsible.
  19. Instructions from staff should be followed.
  20. It is forbidden to make image and/or sound recordings. Equipment with a camera are not allowed anywhere.
  21. Both in the locker rooms and in the wellness area, cell phones, tablets, cameras, laptops and other devices that allow video, photo and/or audio recording are not allowed. We do this to ensure your peace and privacy. Cell phones and tablets should be turned off and left in your locker, room or car .
  22. The use of an e-reader without camera and sound is allowed in rest rooms and on the terrace.
  23. To ensure the privacy of you and all other guests, you are not allowed to bring a bag into the wellness area. Only bags that are completely transparent are allowed.
  24. It is not permitted to take photo and/or video footage of Spabron guests or staff. Bringing equipment with a function for image or sound recording is prohibited throughout the wellness area in order to ensure the privacy of you and other guests.
  25. The use of other electrical appliances is not permitted. Also, hair removal/shaving is not allowed.
  26. Diving or jumping into pools is not allowed.
  27. Keep your fluids well by drinking water.
  28. Before using the sauna and baths, it is mandatory to shower. This is not only hygienic but also part of healthy sauna visiting.
  29. Löyly, aufguss or throwing up water and/or scented essences may only be done by Spabron employees and by means provided by Spabron.
  30. Occupying sunbeds, benches and chairs without using them is not allowed.
  31. For your and our safety, there may be security video recording.
  32. Smoking or the use of alternative smoking materials is permitted only in designated smoking areas. For our wellness center and hotel, violation of this will result in immediate denial of access to our wellness center and hotel. For this, in addition to the cost of your stay, € 150 will be charged for cleaning costs.
  33. Cancellation policy hotel reservation through Spabron booking system:
    * Up to 1 week before arrival date: Free cancellation or one-time rescheduling of booking.
    * 7 to 4 days before arrival date: Cancel or reschedule, we charge a €25 administration fee.
    * 3 to 2 days (72 to 24 hours) before arrival date: 50% of the cost of the 1st night.
    * From 1 day (24 hours) before arrival date: 100% of the cost of the 1st night
  34. Canceling a hotel booking due to illness or flu; If you wish to cancel your hotel booking within 7 days before arrival at our hotel, we are forced to charge a cancellation fee. If you have to cancel due to illness or other reasons, we advise you to use your travel/cancellation insurance.
  35. To change hotel reservations placed through third parties, we recommend that you contact that provider. Modification and cancellation policies vary by provider.
  36. In case of cancellation of booking beauty or massage treatment(s), we assume that you will be present at the booked time(s). If you are unable to attend we would like to hear from you in good time.
    Reservations cancelled up to 4 hours before the start will be cancelled or rescheduled free of charge.
    Reservations cancelled within 4 hours before the start and no shows require us to charge a cancellation fee. This covers 50% of the total cost of the reserved treatment(s).