Infusion: the ultimate sauna ritual

Infusion: the ultimate sauna ritual

The Aufguss, Löyly, ascension… They are all titles for the sauna ritual, which for many sauna fans is also the icing on the cake of the entire sauna visit!

The word “infusion” says it all. During this sauna ritual, water with essential oils is poured on the stove. There are many types of essential oils that all have different effects on your city of mind and health. The water poured over the heater causes the temperature in the sauna to drop and the humidity to rise. As a result, your wind chill increases. After casting up, the soaker will spread the heat with various swinging techniques and props. Consider a towel, flag or fan. This flow of air breaks the insulating layer on your skin. Combined with the increased humidity, it seems like it’s a lot hotter.
The infusion is built up increasingly hotter, which can lead to the ultimate infusion moment: chicken skin!

The body temperature can reach as high as 38.5 degrees Celsius, evoking a temporary, artificial fever. Due to the profuse sweating, waste products are removed even faster than in a regular sauna round and the body is cleansed from the inside out. The high temperature stimulates faster production of antibodies, making health ailments less likely.

Never experienced this wonderful sauna ritual before?
We provide some tips and tricks here!

– Drink plenty of water prior to the infusion.
– The metabolism speeds up due to the infusion, so eat enough during the day.
– Make sure you are well chilled before the infusion (stay out of the sauna or steam room for at least half an hour beforehand)
– The higher you sit, the warmer it feels. So sit in a place that feels good.
– Make sure you sit up straight during the ascension. This will help you breathe better and keep you going longer.
– Cool off in the open air for at least 5 to 10 minutes after the infusion.
– Then start cooling your feet and slowly work your way up. This can be done in cold showers or in the plunge pool.
– Do not forget to include the head when doing this, as heat also leaves the body through the head.
– During the infusion, listen carefully to your body. If you find it too hot, get a headache, get nauseous or dizzy, don’t feel encumbered to leave the infusion before the end.
– Avoid the ascension if you have a fever or an infection. Anyway, it’s better not to go to the sauna with a fever or an infection.
– Do not drink water during the infusion. Your body is warming up and water that is colder than your body temperature can cause abdominal cramping.
– Do not get in the shower immediately after the soak; sweating is the body’s natural way of cooling down. Showering closes the pores, stopping this process.

Infusions are a great sauna ritual to extend the sauna experience.
We offer several infusions several times a day.

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