Monthly cards

Going to the sauna every day! Hugely beneficial,

Unlimited enjoyment

Always enjoy wellness inexpensively

Monthly cards

Loose month
Per month
  • Unlimited entry
  • Personal
  • Always advantageous

Annual Card Silver

Monthly payment
Per month
  • Unlimited entry
  • Personal
  • Always advantageous

Annual Pass Gold

One-time payment
By year
  • Unlimited entry
  • Personal
  • Extra advantageous
  • NOW extra cheap
  • NOW €100 discount obv Annual Card Silver


Sauna, wellness, swimming and relaxing

With monthly and annual passes from Spabron

The monthly pass and annual pass

Enjoy wellness extra cheaply and unlimitedly with the monthly or annual pass.

A monthly or annual pass gives you unlimited, all-day access to Spabron’s sauna and wellness.

  • Monthly and annual passes are personalized. You can enjoy this yourself.
  • A monthly and annual pass is not a physical product. Your monthly or annual pass will be registered to your customer account at Spabron.
  • Even with a monthly or annual pass, we recommend making reservations for your sauna entrance.
  • Gift tip: any subscription form can also be issued as a gift certificate.
  • The monthly pass or annual pass will not be activated until you request it after purchase.

You can purchase your monthly or annual pass during your visit to Spabron or through our web shop.