The sauna ritual

The sauna ritual

The sauna ritual or sauna passage is the way the sauna and sauna facilities are used.

There is not necessarily a right order, and everyone is free to shape their sauna visit as they see fit. It is wise, however, to keep some grip to avoid heat congestion, for example.

This is how to make your sauna visit as enjoyable and relaxing as possible:

Step 1: showering

Take a hot shower before starting your sauna round. Fresh for yourself, your fellow sauna goers and the furniture.

Step 2: drying off

When you have finished showering, it is good to dry yourself off thoroughly. This is because the effect of a sauna is more powerful with dry skin, and the benches that other guests use stay dry that way, too.

Step 3: warm foot bath

It is important to raise the blood in your feet to a higher temperature. This is good for your body because it warms up your body and thus prepares it for your sauna visit. In addition, of course, it is also hygienic.

Step 4: the sauna

It’s time to enter the sauna and relax for a while. First, put a towel down on the benches. To warm up gradually, it is recommended to take a seat at the bottom of the sauna. A sauna session usually lasts a minimum of 6 minutes and a maximum of 15 minutes. When you are no longer comfortable, you can leave the sauna to cool off.

Step 5: cooling

After the sauna, you begin the cooling phase. Your body may rest for a while. Take a cold shower and then a refreshing dip in the plunge pool!

Step 6: finalizing

A sauna session concludes with another warm foot bath. This will bring your body back to a normal temperature. After this, relax especially and keep drinking well!



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